Multicolored Gradient

Multicolor Gradients: An Introduction to Working with Palette Effects

Working with color palettes is one of the fundamental aspects of 2D rendering. I’ve gone over the various color depths used in computer graphics in a earlier post on rendering with GDI, however there are a couple of aspects I didn’t directly mention.

Specifically, the biggest advantage in using a color palette is the sizable speed advantage you gain by having a fixed amount of colors that allow for a direct index into the color table that correspond to a range of values generated by your effect.

I’ll have a more in-depth discussion on this topic in a follow-up post; for now let’s take a look at the steps needed to generate a gradient palette with a variable amount of colors, which is needed by a variety of effects, and a brief introduction to working with pointers in C# so that we can display our gradients to the screen in an efficient manner.

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