This page is going to host some projects I’m either actively working on, or more than likely projects I started and have since been abandoned. Either way, I’ll provide a quick overview of the project; why I started working on it, where I eventually want it to go and any recent updates.

Plane Presentation Framework:

This aim of the project was to write a framework with all the common underpinning needed for demonstrating pixel manipulation effects. The framework encapsulates the process of creating a WinForm, enforcing frame rates / application timing, loading and managing resources, provides wrappers for working with GDI memory surfaces as well as DirectDraw support through a C++ / CLI wrapper.

The current effects included are:

Simple Render


Color Gradients


Fire Demo

Fire Demo

The source code for the framework and effects are available on my CodePlex project Plane Presentation Framework.

Other Open Source Projects:

All of the sample projects included with a post are available on my GitHub. Please feel free to fork or critique anything you find interesting!

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