This page is going to host projects that I’ve previously worked on at various times. I’ll provide a screen shot and a quick overview of each application, as well as a link to an installer or binary package. I don’t have the source code to any of these projects anymore due to an unfortunate online storage crash, or else I would include it. If any future projects are added here they’ll include full source.

Wisdom Modeling Application

WISDOM (Weakly Identifying System for Doorway Monitoring) is a biometrics dissertation by Dr. Jam Jenkins. For my senior Capstone project in college I wrote a 3d modeling application to display what his research attempts to capture. WISDOM Poster is a quick overview of the project. I worked on this during the Fall semester of ’06. The installer for my application can be found here.

Still View

Still View is an image viewer specialized for the sole purpose of viewing images as quickly and as practically as possible. This was my first independent large-scale project. It was written in Win32 C, using DirectDraw6 as the graphics rendering backbone instead of traditional GDI. This gives it a sizable speed advantage over most image viewers (most notably when scaling the window). It has some slide show features, a few image manipulation effects, etc. I worked on this project on and off from around ’02-’04. The installer can be downloaded here.

DET Organizer

This is a Calendar / Organizer application I started writing for a company I worked at before college. It was never finished due to other project demands. I believe this was around ’03. The installer can be found here.

Plasma Demo

This is a “Plasma” effect demo I wrote back around ’99 or ’00. It’s written in Win32 C using DirectDraw6 as the rendering platform. It has some hand optimized inline x86 assembly in the rendering routine. I’m eventually going to port this over to a C# application to see how fast I can get it. The executable can be downloaded here.

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